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The role of tyre balance blocks

2018-07-11 17:31:50

As the driving mode of the car is generally the front drive, the load of the front wheel is greater than that of the rear wheel. After a certain mileage of the car, the tires of different parts will be different in fatigue and wear degree. Therefore, it is necessary to timely change the tire position according to the mileage or road conditions. When the wheel turns, an asymmetric mass can cause a jump or shake. Because of imbalance, it is not comfortable to ride. The vehicle suspension can excite the wheel speed at a point when it is in an unbalanced force, and its rotation frequency is equal to the resonant frequency of the suspension. The quality of the tire uneven will affect the stability of the rotating, the higher the speed, vibration will be bigger and bigger. Therefore, the role of the tyre balance block is to minimize the wheel quality gap to achieve a relatively balanced state. Due to the complex road conditions, in any case is likely to be on the road of influence on the tyres and rims, such as collision road station, high-speed through the rutted road, etc., easy to cause deformation of steel ring, so you need to do at the same time in the transposition of tire dynamic balance.

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