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Tyre balance block

2018-07-11 17:31:11

The tire balance block is a weight distribution part installed on the wheel of the vehicle, which is generally divided into two types: one is attached to the inner ring of the wheel hub and the other is installed on the edge of the wheel hub. The role of the balance block is to keep the wheels in balance at high speed. The wheel of car is made up of tire, the wheel hub as a whole. However, due to manufacturing reasons, the quality distribution of the whole parts cannot be very uniform. When the wheels of an automobile rotate at high speed, an unbalanced state will be formed, causing the wheels of the vehicle to shake and the steering wheel to vibrate. In order to avoid or eliminate this phenomenon, it is necessary to make the wheel adjust the balance of each edge part by increasing the weight distribution in dynamic condition. This process of correction is known as dynamic equilibrium.