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What's wrong with the steering wheel shaking?

2018-07-11 17:39:44

Many friends will feel the steering wheel shaking when driving, so what is the cause of this situation?

A. jitter at high speed

If you have a problem driving at high speed, it's probably your car's transmission.At this time, we should first go to the repair factory whether the positioning Angle of each tire is in a standard state, if not, it must be adjusted as soon as possible!

B. the steering wheel wobbles

If it's just a wobble in the direction of the shot, it could be a loose or too tight belt.Hydraulic powered vehicles are more prone to this problem.This is not a big problem, but it should be adjusted in time

C. at high speed, the steering wheel suddenly shakes

This is caused by your frequent and violent braking.The brake pad is too hot and deformed after cooling!At this point, it's best to change the brake disc.Or brake disc still need not change, go polishing once, restore the state that can use normally only!

D. the steering wheel shakes at a certain speed

When driving at a certain speed each time, the steering wheel will shake.This is a tyre that needs to be balanced!Dynamic balance must be done in time.Otherwise the consequences will be unthinkable!There are many reasons for this, such as hub deformation, unstable tire pressure, improper balance block ratio, etc.

E. there is shaking in the pot-holed section

If you feel the steering wheel shaking at the bottom of the pit, don't assume it's natural.It may be that the head of the pull rod is badly worn.Or maybe the shape of the tire has changed a little bit.At this point, be sure to check.


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