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Tips for pasting balance blocks

2018-07-11 17:41:09

A. Choose the appropriate detergent and carefully clean the surface of the hub with A clean soft cloth to remove impurities and dust on the surface of the hub. Note: should ensure that the ambient temperature balance block, and the temperature of the wheel hub not below 16 ℃. 

B. hub after cleaning will balance weight on the wheel hub, check whether the radian of wheel hub for placed balance blocks, placed the balance block, strip on the back of the protective film is retained. The radius of the balance block radian should be at least parallel to the radius of the hub.

C. to uncover the protective film, the balance blocks on the back of the strip will balance block placed on the wheel. When the balance block is placed, the force should be applied from the center of the balance block to both ends at a pressure of not less than 100 kpa. D. paste counterweight, continue from the middle of the counterweight to the pressure on both ends. After about 24 hours, the adhesive force of the balance block adhesive strip reaches 80-90%, and after 72 hours, the adhesive force reaches 100%