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technological requirements

2018-07-11 17:42:42

In the product each processing craft all requests to keep improving, achieves and exceeds the national standard each technical requirement.

1. g accurate balance piece finished product requirements, and compared to the car wheels and tolerance no more than 5 grams, the bus (truck) wheel requires no more than 10 grams, is better than that of no more than 10% of the national standards.

2. The material of the special steel hook is manganese steel specially made according to the requirements, and the lead material used in the casting is the special lead material according to the scientific configuration.

3. The process is strictly controlled in the heat treatment process of steel hook to ensure that the specified hardness should be achieved after heat treatment to ensure the performance of steel hook.

4. The unique opening intervals and radians of the steel hook are designed in accordance with the rim standard to ensure that the disassembly force of the balance block meets the specified requirements.

5. Beautiful appearance ensures that the surface of the balance block is bright without stomata and burr.