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tire maintenance

2018-07-11 17:43:22

As for the regular maintenance of tires, we will briefly introduce two aspects again, one is about the balance of tires and the other is about the valve nozzle.

A.Tyre balance: what should I know?

A. what's that?

In some cases, the tire and wheel assembly weight is not evenly distributed around the wheel after the tire is installed.

If the wheel is light on one side, it loses its balance.This can lead to jumping or shaking, reducing tread life, increasing vibration, and causing vehicle pressure.Tyre balance can make up for the difference in weight and ensure the balance of tire weight.When necessary, tire professionals will add weight to the tire to achieve the balance of the tire.

B. When should the tyre be balanced?

Tire change

When the balance block is moved or removed

When buying new tires

C. How is the tire balanced?

When balancing a tire, the mechanic USES a balancing machine to determine the position of the weight.

Then, the weight is embedded inside and outside the wheel ring to balance the centrifugal force of the bias position when the tire turns.

D. Any Suggestions?