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Replacement and inspection of valve nozzles

2018-07-11 17:44:03

Replace valve nozzles in the following situations:

(1) replace new tires with new valve nozzles.

(2) the valve nozzle is found to be aged, and it is recommended to replace the valve nozzle when cracking.

(3) the rubber of the valve nozzle may age after long use, leading to air leakage. The lack of air will lead to tire crush. The valve nozzle should be inspected regularly.In addition, the valve cap is used in conjunction with the valve nozzle to prevent moisture and dust from entering the valve nozzle.

Valve port inspection requirements

(1) the surface of the valve body of the tire shall be smooth and clean, free from burrs, cracks, grease and rust;The parts of vulcanized rubber gaskets shall not have blank surface.

(2) the short axis difference of the ellipsoid head at the mouth body bend is no more than 1.8mm.

(3) the surface of the gasket shall be galvanized or other coated.

(4) nuts and protective caps (type B) shall be degreased and rusted.

(6) the tire valve mouth shall be equipped with the standard tire valve core, which shall be connected with the specified air pressure and put into the water, and no air bubbles shall escape within 2min.

(7) the wheel's tongue shall meet the requirements of this standard.And according to the procedures approved by the drawing and document manufacturing.

(8) the tire valve nozzles shall be inspected by the manufacturer, and each batch of products shall meet the requirements of this standard and be accompanied by the product quality certificate.

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